Dear Clients,

We are a new and fast growing company which staff includes team of professionals, most of us having more than eighteen years unique experience in the sphere of transport, logistics and warehousing. Dealing with a great variety of goods and clients from five continents, we know the strong and the weak elements in warehouse chains, logistics and transport business.

Provoked and encouraged by the globalization of the world, IT technologies, the enormous volume of available information in internet, and not on a last place by importance, lack of time, we created and want to present to you our business platform Warehouse Rent. This web service will facilitate those of you who need the right decision in the right time, on the right place. Our platform is designed and aimed to companies using and offering services in transport, logistics and warehouse industry.

Seize the opportunity to use our platform if you possess or manage a logistic zone, separate warehouse cells or shared rent warehouse area or just you have at the moment some available free space for rent. By obtaining an access to our platform you will reach some of the following benefits:

  • Identified for your clients;
  • Accessible and selected for 24 hours / 7 days per week;
  • Non-stop advertised around the globe;
  • Accent on your strengths;
  • Expand your business;
  • Study your competitors near you;
  • Be informed for news and latest approaches in warehouse industry around the globe.

Our platform will be very useful to you if you manage a transport company or offer a logistics services. Some of your benefits may be:

  • Access to new transport schemes;
  • Optimization of your costs;
  • Possibility for on-time delivery and pick up;
  • Expand your business.

Exploring and using our platform, you will possess unique base of information including available warehouses around the globe, rent prices, services that can help you in taking the right decision and achieving the goals of your strategy. Every client will have a full access to its profile and will keep up-to–date information for its needs and possibilities. The platform is a defined market place only for transport, logistics and warehousing.

The professionals know that the money is expensive and the time is precious. So, the whole team of Warehouse Rent invites you to visit our business platform and share your available warehouse spaces or find the missing element of your transport or logistics chain.

Spend a wonderful time and enjoy yourself, surfing in our web services and expanding your business!