The General Conditions define the relations between “USER”, of the site www.warehouse-rent.com and the “SITE” www.warehouse-rent.com
The USER is registered with a unique username and password in the SITE by filling a form on the portal.
The USER agrees with the general conditions by filling out the form on the SITE and mark the field "Accept the terms and conditions for using www.warehouse-rent.com " of the form. Or use the services of free universal access.
This website is not liable on services and their functioning.
The SITE has the right to change design and modify, suspend or add new services without warning the USER.
The SITE may terminate USER's access to any part of the site's services, or any related service at any time without giving any warning, if the terms of use has been violated by the USER.
The SITE does not take responsibility for the content of ads displayed to consumers, regardless the form they might be in.
All data are completed manually by the USER during registration for the site services - such as name, nickname (nickname) years, address, hobbies, city, date of birth, description, and others except the password will be provided to other users of the Site or other natural or legal persons.
The SITE is not liable for damages arising from failure to use part or the whole system due to technical reasons, regardless of the circumstances that led to this.
This website is not liable for his actions by consumers, even if they used the services of the site as permitted or forbidden, according to the General Conditions way.
The site has the right to collect, store, process and use data on the use of the service by all USERS for the purpose of troubleshooting problems in computer systems, providing protection against unauthorized penetration and user names for purposes of advertising.


Using the site and registering it is voluntary. The USERs are required to perform the registrations by themselves. In all cases, to the Owner shall be deemed that the registration is done individually. With completing the application for registration (completing registration form), the USER has expressly agreed to let us process his personal data. When failure in the registration form required personal data registered owner. Any registered USER may be un-registered. Since the completion of the final action for deregistration, the USER loses rights arising from registration. In the case of use and customer service required for this registration, the user is obliged to provide the required data in good faith. Indication of bad faith is a personal dating site in the following cases:

  1. disclosures that do not meet the actual status to which they relate;
  2. indication of the personal information of another person, including presentation in a foreign identity;
The owner has the right to deny registration to any person for which figures are available, or can make a presumption that the data indicate bad faith. The owner is not liable and does not owe compensation to the person whose personal data is used by another person, regardless of whether you have been given or consent. The presented data may be processed for (the following purposes):
  1. providing for the use of online services;
  2. adaptation of services in the interests of consumers;
  3. call for involvement in events organized by the Owner;
  4. statistics;
  5. achieve other objectives prohibited by law.
Objectives are not comprehensive. The user must complete the registration form in good faith. After receipt of the request for the registration process of a USER, the SITE has the right to refuse registration of the USER in the event that another USER has already registered the same data indicated (in whole or in part). When registration is approved the USER will receive an e-email with the username and password to access the SITE. The owner is not liable in case the USER makes available to third parties username and password, or reveal his identity, or that of a third party who is hidden by the identification number. The USER is responsible for his every action stemming from registration. If the USER has a reasonable doubt that he enjoys his registration, he is entitled to change their username and password in the prescribed manner to the SITE.


The user undertakes to use the services not to publish information or not objectified in any form or manner STATEMENTS:

  1. national, religious, political, racial, ethnic intolerance;
  2. insult and / or libel against any person;
  3. threat to life and personal integrity;
  4. incitement to commit a crime;
  5. calling for the forcible change of the established order of government;
  6. advertising message for commercial purposes;
  7. classified or other protected information;
  8. proposal for conclusion of commercial transactions;
  9. information concerning the privacy of third parties;
  10. pornography and / or having a pedophile orientation;
  11. any information contrary to law, the rules of morality and decency;
Failure of the obligation under the preceding paragraph, the Owner has the right to immediately terminate access to this statement and to temporarily or permanently terminate USER's access to services. The owner is not liable to users of the statements of each user and the information they publish on the SITE.
While using the services, including consumer and customer service, it is required not to submit a photo or other displayed material:
  1. on who does not have copyright or right of use;
  2. pornographic and / or content offering child;
  3. contains scenes of violence;
  4. calling for national, religious, political, racial, ethnic intolerance;
  5. undermine the identity of any person;
  6. with ad content;
  7. against the law, rules of morality and decency.
Failure of the obligation under the preceding paragraph Owner has the right to immediately terminate access to this statement and to temporarily or permanently terminate USER's access to services. The owner is not liable to users of the statements of each user and the information they publish on the SITE. Consumer has the right to inform the Owner in the event that another USER carries out actions in violation of these Terms and Conditions.


All parts of the site content, including but not limited to design, software, databases, text, pictures, graphics, information, are owned exclusively by the Owner or it has the exclusive right of their usage, and are subject of Copyright under the Law on Copyright and Related Rights, and are protected by the same. The USER undertakes not to use (except as permitted by the Terms and Conditions way), reproduce, modify, or perform other illegal actions in respect of any part or the entire contents of the site. USERS can access resources on the site, only within the law and the General Conditions. USER agrees to surrender and grant the Owner the right to exclusive use of the information posted on the site, including where the same is subject to protection by law of Copyright and related rights. Owner acquires all the powers granted under its right of exclusive use and exercise them within the law.


The OWNER has the right:

  1. at any time amend, supplement, terminate the use of the service, including customer service elements within the site content in whole or its separate parts. This right can be exercised without notice;
  2. to restrict or suspend access to our content or services / client services for all users or any of them. This right can be exercised without notice;
  3. to delete, move or edit the content of information contrary to the General Conditions; This right can be exercised without notice. The criteria for the controversy is the Owner’s alone. This right is not counted as an obligation of the Owner;
  4. suspend or restrict access of users who infringe the General Conditions;

In realization of the rights owner in the preceding paragraph shall not be liable to users / registered users. The owner is entitled to retain the information published on the site. This right is not counted as an obligation of the Owner;
The Owner of the portal is not liable:
  1. In the event that the services are affected by computer viruses or programs and networks, limiting or stop the normal functioning of the computer configurations and / or programs to the consumer;
  2. Content published by users of information, including the veracity of data;
  3. in the case of users published information violates the rights of third parties;
  4. for damage to computer configurations, computer programs and communication tools, including loss of data, which resulted in a search, loading, use of the Site and services;
  5. the behavior of users when using the Site or the services / customer services.

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